Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Bumby Box will Deliver Povi to Pre-Schooler in the Fall

From left to right: Jessica, Olivia, Lim, Povi and Gena. What an exciting partnership!

By Anna M.

We just launched our Kickstarter campaign and are delighted to have a wonderful partner to distribute Povi: Bumby Box. It's a super cool selection of toys, chosen by specialists, to bring educational play based activities every month by subscription. Povi will be included in the Bumby box for the pre-school age toy box, beginning in the fall.

Many synergies made this partnership happen. One of the intentions of Bumby's team, as Povi's mission, is to create a vibrant interaction in between parents and kids that may contribute for the emotional development. As Lim, creator of Povi says, "Is such a great honor to be picked by Bumby box, as they have so much expertise about toys".  Povi team is also very happy to partner with a company with strong values, such as being environment-friendly and connected to the improvement of society, through reinforcing the community.

Bumby box was founded last year in Oakland, California, by Gena Lindsay-Bourne and Jessica Boehme with the intention to make parents' life easier, bringing a solution for that time when it's quite challenging to pick the right toys and activities for the kids, transforming playtime in a fun and enriching experience. Povi fell into their very unique category of different and intriguing toy tuned with the emotional intelligence learning. As Gena says, "we are always open to new ways to approach story-telling, and Povi fulfills the role like puppets would, with a plus of engagement and interaction".

Bumpy box is very clear about its requirements: "Play based learning and cognitive development research always guide our choices when choosing activities and toys". "Povi brings parent and kids together and that is a great chance for them to work on building relationships -starting at home", says Jessica. "Research has shown that communication is fundamental to build strong foundations in children's development and supports self regulation", adds Gena.

As Gena explains, play based activities have been shown by researchers as a fundamental tool to strengthen critical thinking. She explains that open-ended stories, like the ones that Povi tells, are a good factor to help family bonds stronger so that they leave room for imagination and lots of conversations, so that parents can be aligned with what is really happening with their social emotional experiences.

Jessica notes that having the chance to discuss stories, may also help parents and kids to get access to something they wouldn't do normally, embracing social emotional learning in a fun way: "They can learn how to negotiate and be flexible.  Like empathy, the ability to compromise and find balance is something that we can share with early literacy. Kids can identify with Povi's storytelling and every day examples.  It's a great idea".

Gena adds that "hearing is learning", and that's yet another interesting feature that Povi brings with its age appropriate story packages. The many stories that Povi plays can be a bridge to learning opportunities.  For Jessica, Povi can be enjoyed by grown-ups and kids together, it's an cuddly plush toy with a concept; "I just think Povi is adorable with its big eyes! I can see it being part of a family tea party. But the most important fact is that Povi brings the possibility of parents and kids interacting and building memories together".

The awesome Bumby Box can be seen here: