Monday, January 18, 2016

Write for Povi and Become a Partner

If you have experiences to share with the rest of the world,  believe in the power of emotional intelligence to help kids succeed and is passionate about story-telling, join us for a fun adventure that can turn into a job. Your child-related experiences contributed in the form of anecdotes or stories will help build a product that builds emotional intelligence (EI) and teaches kids how to navigate social situations.

We are looking for stories to use as Conversation Starters on the Povi product. Povi helps kids discuss social-emotional topics. Contributions will be curated by an expert panel (teachers and psychologists) who will select the best stories to load onto the beta version of Povi. If your story gets selected to be a Povi Conversation Starter you earn a percentage off every Povi content package sold once we actually launch the product for sale.

Tired of products that build only kids’ academic achievements and IQ? Povi’s mission is to revolutionize EI development. Draw on your experience in social emotional development to help kids navigate the social and emotional challenges in the lives. As POVI"s CEO and POVI creator says: "I have always been a busy working mom. I pay lots of attention to my kids' development. I buy toys and educational products for them. Two years ago, my son's school counselor told me, “Your child is really smart, but he is not happy.” How painful can that be for a mom! That’s how Povi was created, as you can read in the whole story here.

Satisfy your dream as a writer. Early Enthusiast offer of $10 Amazon card to the first 25 stories contributed! Click here to find the form and more details about the partnership. Povi's goal is to revolutionize family playtime for EI development. Povi is a smart, story-telling toy and app on a platform developed by Antwish, Inc. Kids and parents interact with Povi to build emotional intelligence in a fun and engaging manner.

The Povi platform consists of a smart and cuddly story-telling buddy, an app for parents and an online forum for families and experts to connect on the topic of EI. The Povi Buddy is a smart toy programmed with endless story-starters on social-emotional topics. And this is where you can play a part in developing this next-generation fun platform to enhance family interaction. If you want also help us to choose which Povi is the best looking cuddly toy, please take a look in our Instagram page and make part of this this survey.

I would love to give you a heads-up that we will be running a Kickstarter campaign on Tue, May 24, 2016. We would greatly appreciate your help to be one of our early backers to make Povi a reality.

You can choose to back our project for your family, a school, your team members at work or even non-profits.

We would greatly appreciate you also sharing this important message with whom you know will benefit from joining our community!

Thank you very much! Do email me at to catch up anytime!

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