Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Real Stories Inspire Povi Conversations

By Povi Content Lab*

Few weeks ago we launched Povi's Partner Program inviting parents, educators and specialists to make part of our team of story-tellers to write conversation starters for our new content project. The campaign brought some beautiful stories which we are going to share here. They mirror our goal, to bring better conversations to families.

We first would like to introduce you to one piece written by one of our new partners,  who is a proud advocate of dialogues and well spent time with his son. We hope this story will also inspire you to make part of our program or to collaborate to our blog.

The Day My Son Discovered How Much I Love Him

By Clark

I  like to say I'm a good dad, and strive daily to be a great dad. The wonderful memories of my son when he was a baby boy are just that, just pictures that I have carefully archived in my backed -up hard drive in my safe deposit box. He is now 10 years old and I'm slowly seeing a shift in his attitude and dependency and have realized it is the inevitable.

As many have said to me, "don't you wish they were still a baby?" And I do, at times, wish he was just a small child wanting to be with his parents because his parents kept him clean, played with him and fed him whenever he wanted to eat. But I know he must mature into the fine young man that I've prepared him for. And there lays the predicament. As parents, (and similar to technology), change is hard to adapt and if you don't adapt, you tend to get lost in what and who you are.

Five years ago, I wrote a list of goals for me as a Dad. I posted this list in my office in front of the computer. A few days ago, while arguing with my son over the simplest mundane things and after things cooled down, I asked him to read this list in my office. Firstly, of the hundreds, if not thousands, of times he's been in my office, he admitted to never seeing this list. He read goal number one:


Now, I won't tell you what the other goals are just yet.

Why? Because after reading this first line, my son cried so hard that any and all our past arguments were turned into a shared love that I cannot describe. The empathy he portrayed made me realize that although I missed his "baby years," I am still building his foundation to become a good, no, great person.

Right now, I am sitting in front of his old school and typing this story into my phone. A friend comes up to me as says hi. She has two adorable toddlers and for the millionth time, I say "enjoy it while they're young," and know exactly what it meant when I heard it when my son was a toddler."

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